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Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove are the ultimate shoes designed to deliver you excellent performance on multiple surfaces. These shoes have luxuriously comfortable interior which allows you to run long distances without any stress or fatigue. These shoes are designed to deliver excellent stability and support to make your each stride more efficient and balanced. These shoes have the upper made from the mesh and microfiber. The upper has contrast details which add more sporty looks to these shoes. The upper is lightweight and durable to withstand the hard running. The rare of these shoes have the foot sling made from the synthetic leather which adds excellent stability. The forefoot has the toe bumper made from the rubber which offers durability and it also offers long lasting wear. The forefoot has the plate which is flexible to deliver you great performance and it also provides protection from stones while running through rough terrains. The upper has Omni-Fit lacing system which features welded TPU. This laces system allows you personalized fastening to keep the fit snug and secure. The footbed has been cushioned with the microfiber and it has treatment of Aegis Antimicrobial Solution. This footbed is very lightweight and it deliver luxurious comfort to your feet. The footbed absorbs the moisture from your feet and maintain odorless, bacteria free and dry interior environment to deliver you great performance. These shoes features midsole made from 4 millimeters thick EVA which absorbs the warmth of your feet and molds as per the shape of your feet to give you custom fit. This midsole also attenuates the shocks upon each impact to minimizes the stress on your feet. The ball to heel drop is 0 millimeter which deliver you closer to the ground ride for better stability, support and performance. These shoes have been fitting with additional 1 millimeter thick plate which enhances the flexibility of the forefoot to magnify the performance and deliver you efficient, sturdy and smoother stride. These shoes have the outsole made from the TC 1 rubber with Vibram Trail Glove. This outsole is very lightweight and flexible and it delivers long lasting durability. The outsole has been designed to maintain excellent grip on various wet and dry rough terrains for best performance and skid free running. These shoes weigh just 6.2 ounces as per size 11 which is incredibly lightweight in comparison to most of the style available. You can find this style in these colors: Adventure Yellow/ Smoke, Light Firefly/ Grey, Drizzle, Kryptonite/ Deep Olive, Castle Rock and Granite/ Black.



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The best barefoot shoe I've ever worn. It's (in my mind) more comfortable than VFFs, and they don't hurt my ankles (like the VFFs). A great trail shoe. You can feel your trail, without messing up your toes. Very adapted to running on various terrain. Very comfy. Pretty durable. These are good shoes that would be beneficial to you whenever you wear them. They train your feet to act as they naturally would and they strengthen some of those feet muscles you don't usually use. They are great for parkour due to wonderful grip and control. Super fun shoes that I'd recommend for almost anyone.

Billy Salter from Richmond, VA

Just love this shoe. Been running in FF's for over a year and really enjoy the minimalist feel, but I've always felt they had two drawbacks for me: the goofy look of the shoe (I WISH I didn't care about this, but I do!), and bruising of my feet on rockier trails, even after using them for a year. The Glove's solve both of these problems for me. After approx 50 miles of trail running in dry and wet conditions, I have had no foot bruises due to a little more thickness of the Vibram sole, no blisters (even without socks), and no funny looks. They fit in great on the trail and in the gym. I have high arches and a wide foot and they fit true to size for me.

Basic Ben from Chicago, IL

I had been considering getting the Minimus by NB, but seeing as REI didn't carry them, I checked these out. I am used to using VFF KSO and Bikila, so I am not a stranger to minimalist footwear. The fit is a bit more snug at the midfoot/arch, but it works. If you are used to VFF, it will be a change, but a welcome one for those of us that like to continue minimalist style footwear for everyday life.
I love my VFF's but these are definitely in my "stable" now and on a positive note, my wife will actually be seen with me wearing these! You will feel a difference the day after running in them, I am not sure if these are a little heavier than my VFF's, but as stated before a welcome addition.

Nova Nomad from Alexandria, VA

These shoes are awesome! While I normally wear a size 10.5, I had to go down to a 10...which fit perfectly. I tried the Trail Glove out for 15 miles on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia this past weekend and I am really impressed. They performed well in grass, mud, sand, walking on fallen trees, and even in snow... Because of the snow I wore a sock and it fit just fine...even with the .5 size decrees. The most fun I had was navigating across a mountain-side of large rocks...I could feel my toes grab the edge of the rocks for more controlled grip... they lives true to it's name! My only warning, is that I came across a 200 ft section of trail covered in 2-5 inch rocks. It wasn't the most comfortable as I could feel the rocks...but I suppose that how it might feel barefoot...

Sanz from Raleigh, NC

I have had the Trail Glove for about a month now. I have used them for kicking around, weight training, pavement and trail running, rock climbing approach, hiking, traveling, disc golf... you get the idea. These shoes have excelled at every application. The Trail Glove is my first foray into minimal footwear, and I can't think of a single way I'd improve them. Walking "barefoot" feels so much better than in all of my other shoes that I now see as clunky and constricting. Its gotten bad - to the point where I want to wear them to work, fancy restaurants, and weddings. Minimal footwear literally feels that much better, and I can't imagine minimal footwear being executed any better than these. If you are interested in switching to barefoot gait, minimal footwear, etc, DO IT!!! You will be glad you did, and the Trail Glove is the perfect tool. I can't comment on the Trail Glove versus VFF. VFF have slightly thinner soles, which likely leads to improved groundfeel. For those of you already well versed in barefoot running and minimal footwear, check out this review: [Removed]


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